Den Hollander Engineering

Because drying technology is closely linked to evaporation technology Dutch Drying Systems has found a strategic cooperation partner in Den Hollander Engineering, a leading player in the development of process installations for heat treatment and evaporation technology. [button read more]

Den Hollander Engineering has established itself firmly in the market for the past forty years and, like Dutch Drying Systems, is continuously engaged in innovation.
The close cooperation between Dutch Drying Systems and Den Hollander Engineering only offers advantages for our customers. In this way, the number of parties involved in the project are minimized. This results in better communication and coordination because there is only one point of contact for the entire production line. Very handy.

For the (pre)manufacture, assembly and erection, Dutch Drying Systems has entered into a long-term partnership with the Polish company Rethoro. This cooperation has the advantage that the companies know what is required of each other. This has a positive effect on both safety, lead time and quality of the projects. [button read more]

Rethoro has its own workshop in Poland for the production and pre-manufacture of machine and process parts. Rethoro’s professionals are deployed at both the production location and the project location, ensuring a smooth transition from workshop to construction.