What do we do?

From process calculation to commissioning: Dutch Drying Systems designs, innovates, (pre)manufactures, assembles, mount and installs dryers for the food industry. Thanks to our many years of experience, we offer top quality and are a reliable partner for various customers. We supply individual parts and turnkey projects.

At Dutch Drying Systems we work intensively with our customers and cooperation partners, so that we can always offer a tailor-made solution. Innovation is in our nature: we always investigate what can be improved next time. For example, our unique patented Top bag filter was created. Among other things, we develop and install drying installations for the food industry and in particular for the dairy industry and animal feed industry.
If desired, we also offer other applications for the process industry. For example, we built water and oil treatment plants for a wide range of customers. In addition, we supply and convert existing dryers into energy-efficient variants, and if desired, we install separate filters and heaters for existing installations.