At Dutch Drying Systems we have developed our own spray dryer. This dryer differs from dryers from the other suppliers of spray dryers on a number of crucial points. For example, a specially designed air distribution and extraction system.

Spray drying is an industrial method that makes it possible to transform a liquid into a powder. Foods such as milk powder and whey powder are developed in this way. Thanks to this process, products get a longer shelf life, a lower weight and smaller volume.

Before the drying process, the material in liquid form can first be concentrated by means of a vacuum falling film evaporator. After this, the product is atomized in the drying chamber. This creates small droplets that consist of liquid containing solid particles. Hot air allows the liquid to evaporate so that only the dry particles remain. Spray drying is possible at different production capacities: from a few kilos per hour to more than 10 tons per hour.

The drying process in an installation must of course take place in accordance with the legal standards and requirements associated with the installation and the product in question. All our installations have one thing in common: they all deliver superior quality powder products.

At Dutch Drying Systems we do everything we can to further refine the drying technique. For example, we have developed a unique type of filter for spray dryers: the DDS Top bag filter In the DDS Top bag filter, the air to be cleaned flows in from above the filter via four large inlets. This ensures an optimal distribution of the air flow in the filter. Advantages: optimal quality of the powder product, fewer malfunctions, guaranteed durability, less maintenance and therefore less production loss and less costs!

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